Attention - If you hate feet then just don't read this blog post, apologies in advance.

So something I never actually think to take care of is my feet even though I am always on them. I found Rebecca Allan Podiatry, located right in the city centre of Glasgow recently and didn't it was time to focus on things that aren't just my hair or eyebrows etc the usual.

Rebecca does all different types of things but today I got an overall check on my feet, any dead skin removed which I was surprised I didn't really have any, a lovely feet mask which just helped put a little moisture on them as its not something I ever do, but having nice soft feet is just as important as hands.

To finish I then got my nails all tidied up and then painted with gel polish - Red of course, she has a crazy amount of colours so trust me when I say she will have whatever shade of any colour you want. Gel nails is such a good thing for going on holiday as they last for weeeeeks without chipping.

So if you suffer from any foot issues, dead skin etc definitely pop in and get it sorted as its not a long process, and really easy to get rid of!


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