So it is probably rare that I wear jeans, I am all about comfort these days so leggings and a hoodie are my thing. But on the odd occasion I will opt for a more dressed up look but dressed up still meaning casual AF.

I got my hands on these ripped mom jeans from Femme Luxe Finery - Now I will be honest mom jeans aren't really for me, they don't do a great deal for my shape as I don't have much hips and I definitely don't have much bum... So I wouldn't say that style is for complimenting your body as such if you are looking for jeans to do that opt for another style.

But I got myself a belt that tied in my waist making it appear that there is more shape, I turned up the bottoms as they weren't long nor short so I thought I would create a more summery look with them turned up. I added a black blazer as thats my style - smart casual. Obviously featuring my adidas superstars as they just go with every look whether it be jeans or a dress. My nude bag is from River Island and is a total must have.

Femme Luxe are a great online retailer if you are wanting total on trend affordable items. Their collection is massive and things are added all the time so you'll be sure to find something that suits.

This is such an easy look to create and would suit a lot of different occasions that's why I normally opt for something like this- perhaps slightly over dressed for a nandos that night but who cares!

View the rest of their jean collection if you are looking for something different.

I was going to pair the look with a PU top from Femme Luxe, but as I said - it was a nandos date and I didn't want to scare people with the twins out on show. If you are a fan of PU then Femme Luxe definitely have you covered, they have a large range of different style tops, leggings and more!

This bargain was only £14.99 on sale currently so grab it while you can!


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