Awaken your senses, with a digital diffuser - they latest must have product on the market - so obviously i had to get my hands on it!

This is sold exclusively in The Designer Rooms - i picked mine up from the one in Coatbridge, all i'm saying is when i move out my whole house needs to be filled with their stuff - they have just opened up a new store in Silverburn so i need to get myself over there asap!!

So Sensum is the latest diffuser, i love it because it lights up and sits like an ornament almost, something that fits in with your decor of the room it is in. It comes in all different colours, i picked grey as everywhere is grey, my favourite colour!

As you can see from the images it lights up, i love it when its dark it really lightens up the room!

There are 6 different oils, i got myself 3:

English Garden - Highland Forrest - Californian Breeze, they are all quite unique smells in the sense of it is hard to describe them to something. I am really enjoying English Garden!

If you are on the hunt for something to keep your house smelling fab all day long then grab yourself a Sensum as they are so smart looking in any corner of your room.

They are priced at £79 and each oil is £14.99! - A great investment as the scents last all day long unlike any other one ive tried the smell goes within about 10-15 minutes.


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