Ahhhh can't believe I am actually getting to write this blog post. But the past few months you will have noticed my blog took a different turn, in terms of enhancing myself. Looking after myself for a change and doing things that would in the end make me happy. I am all about enhancing things you are unhappy with for instance my eyebrow bone I evened that out with fillers and also my top lip I got evened out with fillers. All the little things i had done made me feel so much more happier with myself. I know some people find it hard to believe because they only see the dressed up version with hair and make up and they think, well there is nothing wrong with you. But that wasn't the case, it's when thats all stripped away and there is a blank canvas, thats when I began to feel unhappy with things.


One major thing being my boobs. It is something that just never happened for me, at 22. Still waiting. So for 2 years it has been on my mind to get a breast augmentation, especially being a fashion blogger and having to promote the latest pieces, which the trend backless came about and i definitely couldn't take part in it. And even all the holidays I've been on I felt so self-conscious in a bikini. And the more i thought about it the more I questioned ' why have I not just done it!!' obviously I have done my research as when it is something this big you need to have your options then narrow it down to what will suit you best and how the place and people make you feel. 

I have decided to go with Augment me in Glasgow. After meeting the staff and going for a consultation and seeing where it would happen I felt in good hands. So my consultation was on the 6th of September, in this you can see from the vlog what happened definitely give it a watch if you are considering this type of surgery and want to know more or want to know what goes on in a consultation. The technology is what really blew me away and I knew it was the place for me. As they are the only place in Scotland to have the Vectra Scan - a 3D scan that is just out of this world. A quick scan and it appears on the computer and you are able to see what your body would look like with implants in them as it is hard to just say what you want without seeing it and its your body on the screen so i could even see my tattoo and dodgy tan marks. 

I won't ramble on too much as you will be seeing a lot more of these type of blogs with vlogs in them as I will be vlogging the whole experience but I thought I would just break it in with a little blog and clips from the consultation, my next blog will be the lead up to surgery, the pre-assessment, how im feeling, day of surgery and after! Leave a comment if you are thinking of doing it and have any questions and ill be happy to answer them on my journey! This post is an #ad - All views are my own.


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