So for 2 years now I have had jaw problems. It really has changed my life, for the worst. It has affected my eating habits majorly and overall I just haven't been fully well or happy since it all happened.

It started off because of an annoying wisdom tooth growing on my jaw line at the top, by this point I couldn't eat solid foods and my jaw clicked 24/7. I finally got the tooth out because it got infected about 4/5 times within a few months and my body couldn't cope with any more antibiotics. Sadly when getting that out, they noticed another one straight down on the bottom row, growing on my jaw line.

They are slow burners which probably upsets me the most because you're stuck with it and you never know how long for because they need to be a good size before you can get them removed.

So I get all the possible side effects from having this jaw issue. Painful tension headaches that will ruin my day and I can't leave the house, it makes me feel so sick, and I just miss being able to chew and enjoy food. I got a retainer made for sleeping so I don't grind as much but it is the most annoying thing ever and only slightly helps.

I read up on things that can help tension headaches, so I tried out acupuncture. Was a bit of a fail. £45 for one session that had needles all over my head and scalp and all I was left with was, still a headache, empty purse and where one of the needles went at my nose I was left with an infected area that took about 2 weeks to die down. So, yea not for me.

The last option was to see about getting some botox in my jaw area - I went to enquire with FTT clinic in Hamilton and I am really glad I did!

Now botox take about 2/3 weeks to actually take action, so mine has only just kicked in since my appointment. I am noticing small differences. It still clicks slightly but not as much - I still get a slight headache now and then but I was able to finally eat a burger last week which I haven't in a long time due to not being able to open my mouth wide enough without having complete discomfort. So i guess that is an achievement.

Rachel who is a dentist also - was really helpful and gave me so much information on the procedure - the cost is £400 for the jaw area you get a few injections, it's not painful don't worry and lasts about 6 months maybe more. The purpose wasn't for the jaw not to move, but to work a bit more efficiently in terms of not opening as wide and not feeling as overworked. As I have what you call, bulky jaw due to one side overworking so it basically has biceps haha - so the botox will help tone that down a bit also!

This was before my appointment - I will update you in 2 weeks with the outcome!

FTT clinic offer a lot more procedures, so if you are looking for top class service then definitely enquire with them!


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