So I had 4 hours sleep last night and didn't expect much of the day. But I got up, showered and my dad said he needed to go pick up his new glasses. So I ran upstairs, done my tan, hair, make up and outfit all in 30 minutes and decided to take him and my mum out. The sun was shining and it just had a good feeling about the day, so after collecting his glasses I thought why not head to Loch Lomond. Oh boy the sun really brings everyone out!!! But it was so good to be next to the water even if it was only 20 minutes, a change of scenery and just feeling like theres hope for summer was such a good feeling.

I didn't mean for this to sound like a dear diary addition but I just wanted to set the scene that my day felt shit and then I turned it good just by doing simple things. It felt good to get so many things done within a few hours, posted eyelash orders, returned a parcel, went food shopping, cleaned my room and done some work. Keeping motivated in these hard times is so important. Hence the up in blog posts this last week.

It felt good to be dressed up, I am glad the weather was on my side or I would have looked really strange. But I got this outfit 2 days ago and just knew I needed a picture in it. The dress worked out at under £7 and the boots were under £10 all from Boohoo, total bargain! I am obsessed with online shopping on there as they have so many sales and I get free next day delivery so even more tempting to do it about 3 times a week and thats not an exaggeration... Ps how good are the hot doughnuts at the stand outside Lomond Shores!


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