So you all know I vary from fashion and beauty on my blog, I love to talk about any procedures I have had done because they were done in order to make me feel better about my appearance and I am totally for it if anyone wants to do things like that so I love sharing my stories and experiences incase you feel the same and want more insight into places that I fully recommend.

So this week I visited Skin Aesthetics and had the pleasure of meeting owner Kerry! She was beyond lovely I could have spent all day there with her. I love nothing more than getting on with people who are performing things on me as it just gives that added level of comfort.

So it's no secret I get filler in my lips. I started doing this early last year due to having not much of a top lip and a full bottom one. Also there was symmetry issues with them. And let's face it I was sick of over lining them so much I just wanted what I was making an illusion for, to be real. So within the year I got x2 0.5ml spread out. That died down and 4 months later I found myself lining my lips everytime I went out even if I wasn't wearing a full face.

So I took the plunge and went for 1ml. I think people expect quite a lot out of 0.5ml, yea you get it at first and they are swollen and big for a few days but it goes down quite a lot, so don't expect crazy differences from that.

My lips were only done on Thursday so they are slightly still swollen, getting better each day in terms of bruising as I had a slight issue trying to eat because they were pretty big, than what I am used too. But I am loving a fuller lip. I feel so good without makeup on. My decision for going for the full 1ml wasn't to look like a blown up doll. But to make me more confident with my side profile. I don't have issues with my nose, it is small and cute haha, but from the side it's a different story and I wanted a more plump lip to even it all out as my face looked pretty flat and when you are constantly getting pictures done it's hard to not feel self conscious about certain parts, but if they are fixable then I just go for it.

Don't worry for those who can't handle pain, you get numbing cream on for 40 minutes so I couldn't feel a thing. Also just had to add a picture of how that looks because no one else shows the unglamorous parts haha. But if you are looking for any type of 3D skin lipo, facial peels, fillers I couldn't recommend Kerry enough, I will definitely be back for more treatments!!


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