The dreaded winter wardrobe is back - Some of hate this but some of us wait all year for it. To wrap up, layer and wear burgundy all winter long. I'm 50/50 - I love creating cosy stylish looks but the north pole weather in Scotland 24/7 just isn't for me. But Femme Luxe has made it slightly easier with a fab knitwear range.

I'm back again with another cosy look for you to get some inspo for your autumn/winter looks. There is nothing better than being wrapped up but feeling stylish at the same time. There is no need for big jumpers that do nothing for you when there are jumpers like this and the neon one I recently wore too. Femme Luxe Finery legit have the best variety of knits for you to get your hands on - to dress up or down. PS literally made myself at home in Ikea as you can see above but can we talk about that little room??? those colours are definitely me and soon as I seen the room I knew it was meant to be and I had to take a picture even if people were staring thinking I was a total loonball. I can definitely see a lot of their jumpers creeping into my weekend attires as they are super glam, especially their off the shoulder collection.

This is the look of someone who planned to make great effort for some outside pictures but gail force winds had other ideas - eg messing up my hair and ruining it ps thanks ikea for providing the backgrounds haha. As always my leather trousers are my favourite thing to dress up knitwear with - leggings are a must to create a comfy everyday look - i added my converse for a change to complete the look because I wanted everything else toned down with blacks then a pop of colour - being my red handbag.

I took it upon myself to do some DIY ( dangerous I know ) and cut splits up the side of the jumper as it sat a bit strange on my body because im so thin so this just gave me some shape and allowed it to sit better on me so I'm obsessed - of course its dodgy AF but no one inspect it pls thanks.

MY TOP PICKS - looking for some comfy, affordable, stylish every day wear knits?? Below are some of my top picks from Femme Luxe, need any help styling them up? comment below and I will gladly help you create some looks!

Polly Claire Sandy Lore All are under £20 which is amazing for jumpers - I love the style of them all because they are a bit different from your average high street buys from new look, h&m etc! Get edgy with these looks - add a leather jacket some converse and you are good to go! Ps follow me on instagram - I have posted all my latest looks with Femme Luxe and will be posting other winter looks that are affordable and easy to style up! - Jillgourlay


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