Updated: Oct 18, 2018

I have admitted defeat and stocked up on all the latest styles of jumpers, coats and scarfs. This lime green colour is definitely not something I ever opt for but I am actually obsessed with this outfit - you know one of them ones that make you feel really good and it was easily put together ( rare this happens! ) - I did try to create looks without the sunglasses but wow its actually hard haha and the winter sun was out in action so if you head over to my instagram and swipe the pictures you will see the result of not wearing shades when it's part of my identity now.

Stylish but cosy is definitely my aim for this winter. Trying to avoid those ones that are full of holes - or a missing shoulder, yea might be cute but dodging the flu/cold is another aim of mine! - Get this cosy knitwear jumper from Femme Luxe Finery for only £14.99!!! I need this in like every colour, FL please make this in red you know the score -even a hot pink with leather trousers is a LOOK.

Keep it casual with some leather trousers and trainers or dress it up with some heeled boots, a fur coat and you're good to go!


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