So if you seen my last blog post with CC you will have seen that I got my lips evened out with some lip fillers and I am sooooo glad I did. Cosmetix Clinic used a few different techniques on the top lip as it was thin, I did have a bit of plumpness in my bottom so i just got 0.55 all together for top and bottom. It really made me feel so much more confident having a bit more to my lips and not having to sit for hours fixing them with lipliner, I can't wait to return in a few months for a top up! 

So my next visit was to sort out my crazy eyebrow. It wasn't an easy job trying to work out what needed what on each side with fillers as one eyebrow the bone starts further down than the other, and one is higher up. My issue came from being on live videos and people pointing out one eyebrow was a cm higher than the other. I know i shouldn't have taken them on, but it was a recurring comment and it stuck in my head. i have my eyebrows tattoo'd on so it was even more of a challenge for Claire at CC but let me tell you she is the best. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my face, i am always so impressed with the results and they are always so natural. So when i tell people aw I've had my lips done and I've had botox in my forehead they never really believe me. I just wanted to enhance what i already had i wasn't looking for the fake/overdone obvious look. I just wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin so never let people try put you off if there is something you are unhappy with then do it for yourself and no one else, I know eyebrows are not twins they are sisters but I just wanted a little bit of improvement to make it easier for me to fix the rest with a pencil - so one was dropped and one was brought up a little higher it took 2 trips we didn't want to put too much in so only very small amounts of filler were applied at the top of my forehead with the hope of them becoming even which they have done.

The difference might not look like much from the photographs but in person I can see the difference it is a hard one to photograph so just go with it.

Next on my list is definitely to get rid of the lines between my nose and mouth as this is something I realllly hate and after seeing how amazing my make up applies now my forehead is a bit frozen it has made me want it even more. I have been lucky and not had much bruising at all with all the fillers and they aren't sore which is even better. Results aren't instant like lip fillers, it was about 5-6 days in when I realised i couldn't frown and I am actually glad about it as I did have a bit of a snidey face.


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