I am a total bargain hunter when it comes to shopping. So I thought id talk about all the things I do to save some money here and there. It may seem very obvious to some but I know when I speak to people they always say, 'I never thought to do that!'

So firstly! Here is a great example of where I saved some money a few weeks ago for my partners gran. She wanted a Barbour jacket - it was around £143 on a website which she was happy to pay as she loved it. I always copy the name of the item and search it into google and go to the shopping tab - then you select sort option to low to high, this then shows you all the retailers selling this item. I was able to source it on the actual Barbour website for only £107! For the exact same item.

Again last week - I realised I was running low on foundation so wanted to be prepared with a new one for when it finally did run out. It's a two faced product so its normally £29. I searched the name of it into google and boom - Ebay brand new my colour for only £20 including postage.

Another example - I purchased leather trousers on Missguided for £29 / got them for £22 i think as they had money off that day. I got them wore them out one night then realised they were slightly too short for me, they were petite and it was annoying me so I couldn't return them but I popped them on depop to get some money back and also marketplace - a great way to get rid of things and quick! I went back onto Missguided to try get the tall version as they didn't have just a normal one and of course out of stock in my size. Now I normally use depop to sell things but I thought why not search for Missguided leather trousers and my size. I scrolled for a few minutes and it popped up!!! I managed to get them only tried on so still new for only £12!!! I was so happy.

Be smart when shopping and don't settle for the first price you see on a item. Even PLT and missguided - you can get most of their items on ebay especially their basics range! For much cheaper.

Here are some tips to earn some money back while shopping!

I downloaded the plug in - Honey. After seeing it promoted everywhere I thought why not! I am so glad I did. When you get to the checkout on a page it will scan the internet for voucher codes that are available and then it selects the one that saves you the most money! If it can't find you a code it will offer a rewards back - This means you get points which gather up and once you reach 1300 points you get a £10 voucher to spend on amazon etc etc!

While using that - I use Topcashback. I am slightly obsessed with this website. I have been using it for a while and managed to get back over £200 of my own money!

So you create an account, then when you want to shop for something go the website and type the site in the search bar and then it tracks your sale. After 12-24 hours it will then show you what you have got back from the purchase it takes a few weeks to actually get the money but the process is quite fun (to me anyway!)

Use my link and sign up! - SIGN ME UP

Another random one I thought id throw in is - If you are considering laser eye surgery check out my youtube channel! I went with optical express last April and it was the best decision I ever made!!!!! - If you use this link to book your consultation you can get £300 off your quote! - Jill Gourlay /


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