I have done previous posts regarding that I get filler in my jaw for dental reasons, it helped my headaches and to stop grinding my teeth - to ease my jaw from overworking as it clicks because it opens too far.

This time it was time to get it for cosmetic reasons, goodbye double chins. I have always wanted some definition to my face like more than i realised i wanted it. I don't have a fat face as such but i just wanted to have shape to it all since my lips are plump etc just to finish it all off.

I was part of Kerry's training day, she does my lips and has done for 1-2 years only person i trust as she makes them so plump and long lasting, i havent had them done since October and still get questions all the time because they look so natural which i am so glad about.

So i knew i was in good hands when i was getting this treatment. - I have attached some before and afters so you can see how amazing this is and takes effect immediately which is also amazing. I did have some down time, my jaw and chin were slightly sore just because I've not had that much filler in them before so my face felt pretty tight for 2-3 days then i was totally fine. I could feel the filler in my jaw so massaged it about a wee bit and it doesn't feel as strange now. Definitely recommend this if you are like me wanting some definition it is a great thing to get. Skin Aesthetics Glasgow

The results really speak for themselves, i really did hate my side profile before and now i am loving it. It was partly because my nose that is why i started to get my lips done so they were so flat in and it gave me a fuller side profile, so now that my chin has been brought out more it really makes all the difference and im not as self conscious. I know it silly but we all have wee things that bother us, especially those who are all over social media as we take pictures all the time so its kinda part of that life that you inspect everything about yourself.



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