So the last few looks were ones I did before I went under the knife, I needed some time off to rest and recover so I think this look was like 8/9 days after surgery. It's so strange like it has went slow but fast.

Anyway, I thought I would mix up my colour palette and have added some green in to the mix. Which I never do ( My dad hates it for football reasons ) - so I just go along with it and don't add salt to the wounds. Since I never wear it, it looks strange but I oddly like it, especially paired with these loungewear joggers which were like £2 in the Primark sale. I always find the best bargains there like I don't know how. Vans obviously made an appearance. I am going to get a new pair before christmas but trying to pick which ones is difficult, I am obsessed with the flame ones so it might just need to be them unless there are orange ones then they are mine. Top is from BeJealous. 


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