So on Saturday I took part in my first event for my business, An Eye For Drama. This was part of the Belles In The Basement at The Malmaison Hotel in Glasgow.

It was such a thrill and a bit surreal, it was only ticketed for 64 people but to me it was such a good starting point to be surrounded by other suppliers - Benefit, Oasis, Reiss and then me!! I am so determined this year to make more people aware of the brand even if its just all local. I am so passionate about a stress free alternative to make up and eyelashes.

This event happens 3 times a year I think, so I will be there again in July and I can't wait as I will have more on hand experience with events by then and perhaps different stock and offers! So keep an eye on The Malmaison hotel social and website for tickets to be part of the next one!!

Ps how amazing is my ballon?? it is from AirHead - they are local in Glasgow if you need a unique balloon like mine!


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