A lovely sunny day calls for an all black outfit - if you know, you know.

I haven't posted an outfit post like this in so long that I actually got excited getting ready, shooting the look, picking the final images, editing them and then writing this. It is a long process some people think it takes seconds but a lot goes into a blog post.

That is why I will always continue to blog, yea instagram is great but it doesn't give you any information on anything! I think finding out how a look came together and getting direct links to products is so much better! And you get to know someone a lot better, instagram is a very 'fake' outlook on someone, a blog gives you all the details you may or may not want to hear which is what I love about it!

This look is brought to you by Femme Luxe! I have collaborated with the team many times so it's great to start back blogging with them!

This look is very ME. A jumper/dress - paired with some cycle shorts under it as the dress has a slit on each side, so didn't want to surprise half of my street seeing upper thigh. I thought about pairing it with some knee high boots or even superstar trainers but in my head soon as I seen the dress I thought I want to make this kind of rocky/effortless looking. So I opted for some studded biker boots, a biker leather jacket, a leather graphic bag to match the dress and of course to finish off any of my looks on my blog some sunglasses.

I always spend ages doing my make up to then cover it with sunglasses... anyone else haha?

If you haven't shopped on Femme Luxe before then what are you waiting for? They have some crazy sales sometimes and you could bag yourself a total bargain. Their model Hannah is someone I insta-stalk daily I will admit. I would do anything for her figure... apart from actually join a gym haha! She really makes me want their whole collection as she looks amazing in every single piece!

I love designer inspired clothing which a lot of online retailers have started doing. I mean I love designer items and would spend the money on them but at the same time I am a very practical person so I can never justify the price for some things, a few years ago I was daft for everything designer but there are so many fab dupes for things - i mean £800 for a t-shirt??? that is a holiday - that is how my brain works now, I am a total adult! So finding things like this dress that has Givenchy vibes is a total must have if you are like me! As you know what its like as a girl, we buy something new every week and only wear it once or twice so why spend so much!

Want to get your hands on this look? You can find this and many more amazing on trend pieces such as co-ords over at Femme luxe Finery // Click Here to grab this dress for only £9.99! You heard right under £10 so be quick!!!


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