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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

So last Saturday me and my boyfriend jetted off to Istanbul. I probably made that sound more glamorous than it was.. Because it's the start of the year there wasn't a great deal of options for flights so we had the joys of getting up at 3am to set off for a 6am flight from Glasgow - then we had to stop off at Amsterdam for about 2 hours then pop on another flight. Our taxi to the hotel ended up being 2 hours so we finally got there and settled at 8pm Istanbul time. Soooo then I realised, I'm not the best traveller.

I spent the whole night being sick, lovely I know. Just had to set the scene that not all bloggers do, they make it look so fun and easy. I was pretty glad when we got there that it was slightly warmer than Glasgow so that was a bonus.

Should I rewind? Our trip had been planned for a few months, since I met my boyfriend he made it very clear that he wanted a hair transplant. He didn't particularly need it but I know when you are insecure about something you always want to fix it. So that is when I said ok we are going to Istanbul to get this sorted!

I contacted Elit Hair Transplant Turkey purely because they looked to be one of the best and more popular ones - with highly recommended Dr. Balwi We spoke about to a few different companies as you should always do when planning a surgery and landed back with Elit. So, onto Sunday, we got picked up from the hotel ( the transport was amazing that was included! ) and headed off to the hospital which was like a 3/4 minute drive to get blood tests ready for surgery on the Monday. The hotel that was included with the Hair Transplant was Nidya Hotel, which was top class. Very clean, really spacious rooms, friendly staff and has everything you could need. Like a gym, sauna, swimming pool which are all free to use! I have included 1 of many videos I have edited to show you what I mean with the quality of the place and what we got up to as we all love a nosey!

If you are thinking about a Hair Transplant - Contact Elit // they use whats'app and are really quick at replying and are super helpful! Book via here :


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