So my blog has turned into a Femme Luxe Finery fanpage! But how can i not do weekly looks when they have items coming in all the time that are 100% my style.

I am featuring 3 looks in this blog post all which you will find direct links to at the bottom of the page feel free to have a snoop about their full site as you won't be disappointed.

Look 1 - I need to lay off the Mcdonalds and chippies as this was a tight squeeze so i wish i had went up a size as it is quite tight made, so if you have your eye on this piece take my advise and don't stress yourself trying to zip it up and wanting to cut off any fat you have on your body haha! It is so my style, my suitcase for my holiday this month has over 8 bits of polka dot, i must be having a moment. But is really in right now to be honest every where you look there is something else that is that style so i am lapping it up! - Grab this for only £21.99! Also comes in white.

Look 2 - I am obsessed with t-shirts i wear them 24/7, i might look dressed up on my instagram in dresses etc but you will find me wearing a tshirt 90% of the time because it is comfortable and i am all about comfort. The day i shot this look it was so hot so i paired it with a denim skirt and some gold detailing to finish off the look which is definitely something id wear a lot more if the sun wanted to stick around for a while longer. This tshirt is only £5.99!!!! I know, so stop what you're doing and get it ordered.

Look 3 - something a bit more fancy. I felt so comfortable and dressed up in this. So simple yet a total statement piece!! You don't need to dress it up, I feel less is more with this look. I have a charity night coming up next weekend and I will definitely be wearing this as I was looking for something inbetween a night out dress and a long formal dress so this is the perfect inbetween option. And it's only £17.99!!! Sorry what! Totally in love and comes in other colours too. Super complimentary to your shape as well.

Look 1 - Buy here

Look 2 - Buy here

Look 3 - Buy here



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