Fashion for those in between hot/cold days!

Another collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery - all 3 looks are from there i will link the items in between the blog post so grab a bargain!

My latest fashion trend is pinafore dresses with tshirts under them, this blog includes 2 of them! This one is a little on the shorter side so i paired it with some tights and a long sleeve tshirt. And of course my trusty little leather boots ( they were from primark £16 last year)

This is the type of look which is great for autumn or like me the weather isn't hot and its not cold so its great to shove on something like this which is fashionable and i don't need a jacket! - Buy here. For only £4.99!!!!! I know Femme Luxe is a great website to keep an eye on if you love a bargain like me.

Next look -

Snakeskin pinafore dress - this is definitely a look to dress up with some heels but on this fine Monday I wanted to put my converse on and be comfortable. You know me I love black and red together, they are the best combo. You can grab this for only £12.99 from of course - Femme Luxe Finery. This one is a little longer so I didn't feel like I needed to wear tights. The snakeskin just went with the leather so this is definitely a ME type of look.

So on Thursday, I sold my first car, bought the one I have always wanted and landed myself a great part time role all in the same day. So emotions were high, it was a longgggggg day. I did want to have a big photoshoot with my outfit etc but my make up was sliding off my face and my hair was a riot so hence the lack of images of this tshirt but here is me looking so happy so I am proud of myself. Anyway, this tshirt may look familiar as I did look on my blog with a long jumper dress with the same print, but this time it is a crop and its only £5.99!!!!! Again budget fashion is made so easy with brands like Femme Luxe!



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