I am into the swing of things with my autumn/winter looks as you can see with 2 blog posts in the one weekend and many instagram uploads. When lockdown happened all motivation for really anything was lost. There was little point to get dressed up, where make up or do anything really and I have felt like that since March. It is really out of character for me.

I make so much effort all the time, I love taking photographs so it has been difficult to get back in to it. The hard part is getting myself up and putting make up on, doing my hair, doing my tan etc as there is literally no where to go... but we move.

So this weekend I took some time to myself out of my normal routine (travelling etc) ordered some new clothes, curled my hair, I only tanned my legs and my arms as no one was seeing the rest of me so why bother.. if you know, you know. I think it even made my mum a bit excited as she has really missed being my photographer. Not so much missed the moaning I do when I can't find somewhere to take a good picture or if the lighting is bad or if there are too many people about staring. It is always a drama but we get there in the end, we are a good team.

So this look is pretty simple. I love an oversized shirt but this is my size it is just a dress! From I saw it first. I have a skirt under it, it's not see through or anything it's just cold so I like to cover it all up you know. There is nothing to see here..

I of course then paired it with my newly loved boots from Miss Pap, a wee £2 Primark hat which I have in every colour. I really like how the look turned out. A super relaxed look yet it looks like I made a lot of effort. I can maybe see myself wearing it like a cardigan with leggings and a top. I wouldn't close it as it is too long id need a belt to make it slighter shorter.

If you create any looks with this shirt dress link them below id love some inspo!


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