I wasn't ready to say goodbye to summer colours just yet. Latest look with In Love With Fashion. These to dieeee for high waisted wide leg blue trousers ( i also have in khaki, black and grey )

Because it's one of those things you need in every colour. This colour is so unique, paired with a light grey tee that I tied up. Slogans are my thinggggg and you all know it. And especially this slogan. Any my friends just know me for this. If they come to me with any problem or theyve been treated badly before by that person, they don't even need to carry on that story I just tell them to dump them and find someone better. WHYYYY do we all stay in situations with people who treat us bad, like i'm baffled to why i let myself do the same thing.

The beauty in it all is when you are finally out that horrible situation and see how good life is without they kind of people. Let's all just stop settling for half arsed things ok, and wait for people who will treat us good for a change. - Preach it / retweet it do your thing.



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