Could Piercings Tie In Well With Your Personal Look?

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When it comes to beauty statements, many of us focus on our hair, our makeup, and perhaps our nails. These are all great outlets that can show off your creativity, say a little about your personal preferences and style, and generally help you to express yourself to the world around you. Each of us has a completely distinct style that can be altered with the slightest change to how we present ourselves - whether this be a stand out haircut or hair colour, a bold shade of lipstick, or a signature shade of nail varnish. Now, one addition to your overall look that you might not have considered yet is a piercing of some sort. Piercings (besides a traditional ear lobe piercing) used to have a little taboo attached to them. But nowadays, they are soaring in popularity and are becoming increasingly accepted by the majority of society. So, could they tie in well with your personal look?

Age Restrictions

Before you set your heart on any particular piercing, remember that there are age restrictions attached to particular piercings. So, not everyone can walk into a studio and get exactly what they want. There is generally one age limit for if you have parental consent and one slightly higher age limit if you have ID proving your age. For example, you can get a septum piercing with parental consent aged 16, whereas you will need to be 18 if your parents do not consent. There is also a difference in age restrictions for men and women when it comes to nipple piercings. A man can get a nipple piercing aged 16 with parental consent (it is 18 without consent), however a woman can only have nipple shields aged 18 with or without parental consent.

Popular Piercings

If you are of a sufficient age and you are considering what type of piercing might suit you, you have a couple of decisions to make. First, you need to decide what part of your body you would like pierced. The most common areas tend to be ear piercings or facial piercings. But there are other options out there. Increasing numbers of people are having body piercings (such as the base of the neck) or microdermal implants, which can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body.


A final concern that you might need to consider when deciding whether a piercing could tie in well with your personal aesthetic is whether they will also form an acceptable part of your professional aesthetic (that is, acceptable according to your employer). Some piercings are easier to cover up than others. So determine whether you can hide or remove the piercing for work if this is necessary. You don’t want to lose your income over this!

If you’re considering getting some sort of piercing, hopefully the above information will help you to find the right one for you! Mull over this before going ahead, as they can be expensive and some can be a little painful, so you want to be completely set on it!


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