A few years ago I was so self conscious about my eyebrows, they were so light, and short from over plucking them ( we have all been there ) and sadly they never grew back. So about a year and a half ago I decided to get them tattoo’d which was the best decision I have made as it just makes my life so much easier, especially if you aren’t good at drawing a shape which was my problem, they were always different.

Recently I went to Brow Boutique in Bearsden and Jill was so lovely, its always nice to meet another Jill as we seem to be quite rare haha. She was total perfectionist. I had pointed out my problems and she made sure to fix them as best she could. Nothing too major, but my brow line means that one brow is higher than the other, I got both once to even it out, but thats not something that lasts too long. The other problem was one started further back the other so Jill spent nearly an hour fixing that problem for me so I didn’t have to draw them in so much.

Ideal timing with my holiday as it meant I could be SUPER lazy and literally just brush my hair and shove sunglasses on and not feel self conscious as my brows were good to go.

Once you get your brows done you get a 4 week top up, just to make sure the shape and colour all stay on your skin better. Brows really do make such a difference to your face. If you are a bit older they really do take years off you. It was amazing not to feel any pain as well. I had been slightly dreading it as I find it sore normally. But I didn’t feel a thing, I was actually so relaxed. So i couldn’t recommend Jill enough. I have taken some before and after images and some images with a full make up look so you can see I’ve hardly had to do anything, I normally just go over them with a pencil slightly as once I put foundation on they go a bit lighter. The collage shown is how they look before, after, few weeks after and right after my 4 week top up! So happy with them!!

If you have thought about semi permanent make up but are a bit scared, I can assure you, you are in good hands with Jill.

View her work here:


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