Where do I even begin with my hair story, it is a never ending stressful battle to be quite frank, dramatic yes but accurate. My hair is thin and hasn’t grown in about 3 years. It has been so many colours, royal blue probably wasn’t my finest decision as I then had to go black to get rid of it. It was slightly longer and thicker then, but then I decided I am meant to be blonde. So the process of that began, my hair just got thinner and shorter with that process which took months!

I always used clip in extensions and just had enough one day and decided to go for a micro weave using Remi Cachet and it was possibly the best hair I’ve ever had, I perhaps went too long with 20 inches as my hair was even shorter so it did put pressure on my own hair. But the quality of it was just amazing. I got 9 months out of it as I had cut it short and wanted long hair back again but it was christmas time and I went for a cheaper option with beauty works which was possibly the worst decision ever. I maybe got a bad batch but it just shed SO much and thinned out within about 3 months so I had to get it all chopped off so it didn’t look like rats tails. So trust me when I say this, I have been counting down the days where I could get Remi Cachet again. It was meant to be a birthday present but if you know me I can never actually wait for that so here we are getting it a month early.

It was my best decision to get a darker root as I feel like it helps me with the decision of do I want to be dark or light, I have the best of both worlds and it will be helping with the growth of my hair as I’m not dying it every 3 weeks. But the struggle of getting extensions and having to get it all blended because of the roots is a challenge, but I was in good hands with Shannon at La Belle Amour.

I have collaborated with Remi Cachet as they were kind enough to give me a discount and one for you all too to use - 10% off with code IWMW10 - I got the 16inch Elegance Hollywood Weft which consists of 3 pieces but I had to get it tailored to how I like my hair which is I need thickness at the sides so it all blends as my side parts have never grown and always stayed shorter than the rest of my hair so that is annoying when it comes to hair extensions as they need to blend and look as natural as possible.

I am excited to use the aftercare kit which you can purchase online as well - try to use the recommended brushes, shampoo’s etc that are suited for your hair extensions as you can easily ruin the extensions using cheaper alternatives that will just strip the quality of the hair which you don’t want when you are spending a lot of money on the hair.

Check out my lovely hairdressers page, she was so affordable to apply and colour my hair if you are local to me definitely go to Shannon! - Head over to my instagram as well over the next few weeks and see what looks I am creating with the hair!


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