BOTOX? Why I get it & where.

How amazing are these results using the smallest amount of botox within only a few days. Takes 2 weeks to settle in but already soooo impressed and love how my skin looks so smooth!!!

JM Aesthetics by Ashley Steel - is where i went for my botox, i got some in my forehead, frown lines, jaw and some filler at my smile lines. She is based in Michael Kelly Dental - in Clarkston.

All very small amounts as i am still young but my skin was looking horrible and when you are in front of cameras and taking pictures you want to feel nice! in no way am i promoting it for everyone to have, i am just showcasing it to those who are already interested in it, where to go to see amazing results!

I get jaw filler for dental reasons and really highly recommend it! I grind my teeth alot and get really bad tension headaches from it. I have trieda retainer, any tablets for the pain, acupuncture the lot! Nothing worked until I got botox to ease how much my muscles are moving and relax them a bit. So if you suffer from the symptoms I mentioned I really recommend giving it a try!

No filter needed, not even hit the 2 week mark with this picture and already seeing a great difference in my skin. Like i said, i haven't gone for the - my face doesnt move look As i am a bit young for that, but there is no harm in enhancing and smoothing things. As i am in front of cameras and doing videos I like to feel good and Ashley has definitely helped me with that!


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