I couldn't let this slip by without dedicating a whole blog to it. I won't make it too dramatic etc as I am sure you all know by now that on Sunday The Herald fashion awards were held at the Grand Central Hotel for the 4th year. I was lucky enough to be nominated this year and last year for Blogger of the Year for Scotland.

It really is quite a night. With lots of Scottish companies and well known faces gathering to notice everyones achievements for the year. My favourite part is obviously dressing up, thank you to Goddiva for dressing me for the night 2 years in a row. They really do not disappoint. I won't lie, compliments are something I get very often but wowwwww on Sunday I was literally overwhelmed by the amount of love I was getting for my dress, I literally felt like I belonged on the red carpet.

So obviously my category was 3rd last, sponsored by Walker Slater. My anxiety was through the roof as I had worked so hard all year and was hoping so much to win. And, I DID!!!! I still can't believe it now writing this. It might not be the biggest thing in the world and hundreds of opportunities may or may not roll out from it. But it wasn't about all that and it never is for me. I don't get any revenue from my blog it has always been a hobby that I pour my passion and soul in to with every look or blog I write or company I collab with and represent. It is about creating content and including my artistic flare to look back on and think wow I actually created that. I have came along way during the years, maybe slower and not as well noticed as others. But I did all on my own, im on a journey trying to learn and figure it all out, but I will get there and this just makes me feel all my hard work as been noticed.

Like I said in my awful jittering speech, being a blogger in Scotland or Glasgow is tough going!!! Bloggers all get noticed in London/Manchester so any Blogger from Scotland that gets recognised and is involved in any big campaigns I will always cheer along the way!

Here is to 2017 being a hard working year and learning curve for me, realising what is important in life, shutting off toxic vibes and finding out what happiness is and where it comes from and that is from me. No one else, once you find self-love and involve it in your work, people will run to your passions with you and want to be involved.


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