I love when i just have such a good day with blogging, it is soooo rare and most bloggers will understand the struggle. From lighting, weather, people passing by, if you don't love your outfit. All these things have been happening to me every time i shoot for the last few months so its not been that enjoyable. But today it just clicked again which I love because i have really missed that feeling of being passionate about blogging instead of only giving it a little bit effort. 

I think all these feelings came from the fact i was really feeling my outfit. This peplum light blazerfrom SheIn is one of my new favourite pieces. It is so classy yet bold but simple all in one. I paired it with some denim shorts under, it might all look short but I just love that it kind of looks like a playsuit. For a pop of colour i added this amazing red statement bag from Trendeo, definitely a must have piece for summer!

So i went from classy to casual in a click of a finger. I dropped the glasses and bag and added this Nuevo Club cap. I have seen these all over instagram and you know when i do casual looks i love to add a cap instead of sunglasses, one or the other is just my thing im not sure why because i spend up to an hour on my make up then cover it all up - no logic in it, im learning but. They have a lot of new designs that I am loving so you need to get your hands on one for this summer! 


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