The things I do for my blog, 3 degrees, slightly snowing and heavily raining here and bared all and just went for it because I woke up with a vision of how I wanted this look and this blog post to be like that I just had to go for it and try it.

Can we talk about this outfittttttttt. Getting involved in some red, of course - shocked. But this outfit is definitely right up my street in terms of being a bit different. This denim jacket from SheInis like to die for. Totally unique like my other denim jacket from there, it really just adds to any basic outfit. Obsessed with the bits of red so I just knew straight away I had to pair it up with these trousers from Diva Dames. Didn't want to make it too dressed. 

You can tell from my blog I have 2 very different sides to me that I vary from every week. I can go from ball gown, really classy to total street, skater looks, urban classics. I love that mix of both. This is a mixture of both, I could of added heels but I thought nahh, make it more an everyday really fashionable dressed up dressed down kind of look as that is how id describe my style. 


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