So I have never done anything like this on my blog which surprises me. But I am keen for the rest of this year to post lots of content even if it is random and not just stick to beauty and fashion and to let you get to know me better.

No judgement for these things you are about to learn about me ok..

  1. I have a phobia of sauce - tomato sauce, mayo, brown sauce etc! Now, I have never actually had them and I know the judgement has just kicked in and pure anger of .. are you a child how can you say that. But even seeing someone use it, or smelling it makes my skin crawl. I can handle curry sauce because it is hot, but any type of cold sauce makes me boke. Yes I live a very dry life, but I am happy that way! Also great for not eating extra calories....

  2. I can only eat my toast cold. I know you are living wow you are a mothers worst nightmare, yes you are correct. I realised I hated melted butter when I was really young. My mum would cut up 1 slice of toast into 4 wee squares for me, I would take it and fling it behind her bed side cabinet.... Thinking she would never find out. Even the taste of butter I'm really not fond of. So I make toast, let it cool for 5 minutes then I put on soya butter - From Pure. If you hate the taste of butter this is the one for you!

  3. I love gardening/weeding. It is literally like therapy for me. I switch off from the world of phones and laptops, escape from my work and dig,dig,dig. But I have started to be a bit OCD with it all. literally the sight of 1 weed in our front or back garden will ruin my full day and I need to sort it before I do anything else. My mums garden has been our challenge this whole lockdown, the end is near finally. A lot still to do but we have made great process doing it all ourselves and trying not to use a big budget for it.

  4. I love getting procedures done, lips, any type of filler actually. I got so excited for my boob job as well. A lot of people dread things like this so thats why I wanted to make it a point. I had never dreaded anything that I have had done to me so people always say I'm a bit crazy but the minute I book in for something I literally count down the days and minutes till I get it done! The pain does not even bother me in the slightest as I know I will love the end result. - Reduce the plastic in the world and all that.. But I do love the fuller look when it comes to everything.

  5. I really enjoy studying. I came straight out of 6th year of school and into university. I skipped a lot of weekends / relationships were put on hold / missed events because I spent most of my time studying and trying to make something for my future. I never got anything handed to me. My mum and dad didn't have much and I started a business to help us. So it really focused me. During this pandemic it brought me back to studying. I have done / passed 5 courses during it and have actually enjoyed taking down notes/highlighting things and pushing myself. It really helped with my confidence as I haven't been working much my brain cells felt non-existent but passing them made me realise I know more than I thought i did.

  6. It took me 4 times to pass my driving test. I didn't grow up around cars. None of my family drive so it was rare I was ever in a car to understand the roads. So I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. I had dreamed of driving ever since I was young as I wanted to make my families life easier and my own. I wanted to see more of the world and I knew I could only do it for myself. I paid for every driving lesson myself ( even one of those week long courses I failed on something so stupid) but the amount of money I spent was crazy and then 4 tests, but I got there in the end and it will be 4 years this November!

  7. I have an older sister that is 11 years older than me! (Yes I was the mistake haha) We get on really well!

  8. I have a degree in Marketing. In school I always wanted to become an art teacher, I spent every hour of the day drawing and painting then by the time 6th year came to make decisions for which course and uni to apply for, I suddenly realised I needed options that were more practical. Marketing just randomly came into my head as I had my blog and loved the thought of that and PR. I had never done any business type course in school so I went into uni totally blind!

  9. I only ever get my gel nails done red or black. My favourite colours! Even when painting my nails these are the only 2 colours I will ever use.

  10. I have M.E. Which means I need a lot more sleep than a normal person and my body doesn't function like it should. I get really sick from bright lights and loud noises and easily faint from it. My body goes through severe boom and bust where I use all my energy then I need to be bed bound for 3/4 days. It really effects my moods most of the time makes me quite grumpy and non responsive. It is really hard. I know there are alot worse things to have but living with this and knowing there is no cure really does play on my mind alot. People always think you are fine because they can't see the illness that is also really difficult. I don't want treated differently but I wish people had more awareness over it and why I need to cancel plans because my body just can't cope. I get over-whelmed really easily with plans and being around a lot of people so I do like my own company a lot.


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