Time really does go quick! This whole process has really flashed before my eyes and I couldn't be happier about the results. I feel I have made a quick recovery which I am thankful as I normally get the worst of everything when it comes to illnesses and the average person. So I am glad that it hasn't been the case with this. So I spent 4 days in my bed, obviously uncomfortable and not able to do much for myself, didn't have much of an appetite. I was sick twice in 2 days I think, the lack of sleep was probably the only thing that got to me and not moving from my bed. I did go a walk on the 3rd day to get some air but it was only about 15 minutes. The 5th day I just had to get properly out so I finally got ready make up etc and went shopping with my best friend and for my first full meal. I really needed it, I was fine to drive that night as well my arms weren't sore anymore and I could lift them, I felt that was the case by day 3 as I was able to wash my hair etc fine myself. 

So on the 7th day that was my check up at Augment Me, So I went up and got them checked they said they looked great, one was more swollen than the other which made it appear bigger than the other but that has went down now and the bruising I had too. The plasters were removed and everything was cleaned and then the stitches were left as they are dissolvable ones. It felt so good getting those plasters off as I was getting slightly uncomfortable, but sleeping is sooo much better now and I don't feel uncomfortable so if you have just got a breast augmentation, stick in there! You will be fine and it will all be worth it. It was so nice to be back at Augment me and see the team and they said I was looking great, beyond friendly - it really is my number 1 thing with places, if the people are friendly and make you feel important then you know to stick with them!


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