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                                                DIVA EVA COUTURE.


I am a total magpie, anything sparkly and its got to be mine. I fell in love as soon as I seen my Eva Diva necklace – I am all about statement pieces, they really make any plain/ non patterned or black/white piece an eye turner. The combination of black and silver really compliment each other greatly –


I have styled this necklace with a few outfits – as you can see I try to keep it as simple as possible as I do want the necklace to do all the talking. – As I have some simple outfits, dramatic make up and big hair is a must, well for me, - I have tried to keep it in match with the necklace with a silverfish (MAC vanilla pigment) and almost grayish/charcoal/chocolate smoky eye and red lip – I almost see it as if you are wearing a raincoat you cant wear flip flops with it, it just doesn’t sense – so a statement necklace needs some powerful make up with it too.


     IMG 3944 IMG_3940.jpg




Another beautiful necklace from Diva Eva is this triangle yellow and gold chain – yellow is my absolute favourite colour ever, with summer coming up this is a MUST HAVE piece for your jewellery box girls. Its simple yet could complete an outfit. The only thing with yellow is it is quite hard to match things with it colour wise/outfit wise. – Only £4!! 


Experiment before you finalise outfits, when I have a party or event to attend I try on literally my whole wardrobe and jewellery box and mix and match and experiment with my hair and make up beforehand – im hardly a stylist but its all about having a key eye for detail and knowing what looks good and what goes – I see it as common sense in a way in the fashion world. Nudes/blacks and whites would be perfect or more yellow – I personally think I could never wear too much yellow – its such a vibrant happy colour, darker skin tones really suit it, with paler skin tones it sometimes washes you out so add a bit of st tropez and you will be good to go.  



These beautiful items can be ordered via Diva Eva's facebook/twitter accounts : Amazing cutomer service and beautiful packaging, perfect for a gift for a loved one at an affordable price.





FD Avenue

As a girl I know how difficult it is to find a dress that you are all round happy with, we are hard creatures to please – from “does this make me look fat?” – “ does the colour make me look like I’m going to a funeral or make me look like a hippie?” – finding a dress is all about knowing your figure shape – I’m not 100% what kind of fruit shape I am but I know exactly the type of dresses as soon as I walk into shop will suit me and compliment my figure and show it off best. It takes time to know this, but I have been studying fashion styling (self taught) for over 4 years now, from blogging and being able to sample different styles this has helped.



Ok so you’re probably wondering so what is this blog post actually about then, since you love to chat and digress so much. Well I think I’m in love with my new FD Avenue dress – I’ve not yet had a fancy enough event or party to attend to show it off so I’ve just been walking about my room with it on and a pair of heels…. I’m sure all you girls do that ( I hope I’m not as weird as I think ) – But I’m definitely not one that needs an excuse to wear a dress my whole wardrobe is just full of dresses. – I used to always say I was one to love colour and bright and bold things, I guess I still do, but who can not love a black dress that makes you look super skinny and classy??? This is one to definitely show off your figure. The leather style waist is key here as it makes your waist look smaller than it is, a perfect LBD thats a must in any girls closet.   


From my photographs you can see I have styled it with "simple" thoughts in mind - a netted dress doesnt need to be covered up with many accessories, its all about the dress. I have added a statement necklace thats not too in your face, a simple hair style would go well with this dress, perhaps to the side, a red lipstick to brighten it all up, i have kept it nude with a smokey eye with shades of white brown and green hence why a nude lip was a must to complete the look - i have made this outfit casual with some chunky heeled boots from new look. This can purchased at Fd Avenue -




check out their new arrivals at : http://www.fdavenue.com/categories/New-In/




I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the on trend, budget loving Bango Mango. In this post i will be styling 2 of their items - Suedette zip wedge ankle boots and black wet look leggings, 2 simple items i will be styling up. - I have photographed the wedges with a look that can be worn "out out" or just "out" (only girls will understand that language) - i have styled them ith similar colours, a red leather mini skirt from Primark - keeping on the budget trend - my tshirt is from Ebay and my clutch is alo from new look - of course the necklace i have posted above this feature from the lovely diva eva - this whole outfit can be yours for only £44 - may seem a lot to some but a dress out of topshop starts at like £40 - for 1 item.

Bango Mango have so much variety of items to choose from i was a little stuck when picking however my wedges and wet look leggings are priced at £5 each - i know i couldnt believe it either amazing quality and value for students like me who like to wear things once but cant quite afford to do that with miss selfridge and topshop clothing.



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