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Scottish Marketing student and fashion enthusiast Jill Gourlay brings you I wear my wages - self explanatory for all us femaleswork hard, buy hard.
 My blog represents everyone with that drive for success, starting from the bottom. The plan or "dream" for the future for myself and my blog is after receiving my BA Marketing degree in 1 year, I hope to open my very own PR company representing strong and influential, hard working women in the fashion industry, of course it will be named I Wear My Wages - At only 20 I have started my own mini empire - I live by " Do what you love, and love what you do" and blogging is definitely that, I couldn't picture myself having a passion for anything else other than it, I love to hear that my readers can almost smell my passion for what I do, it makes it very worth while.  
// I have recently opened my own boutique - I wear my wages, specialising in vintage lace jewellery // 
I currently have over 189,417 viewers and over 37,867 subscribers
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I Wear My Wages

Scottish fashion blogger, Jill Gourlay || Aspiring Stylist & Fashion Journalist studying Marketing || For collaborations contact: IWearMyWages@outlook.com
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Zahra 04/16/2014 17:24

Your Invisible Extensions look fab - so natural and thick! So pleased :)
You mentioned ombreing in your post - remember you can dye these if you want to, I've dip dyed mine before, once before I put them in, and once after they were already in.
P.S Gorgeous dress, looks amazing!Thank you, Zahra (Invisible Extensions)

I Wear My Wages 04/16/2014 18:00

yea i love waking up with long hair as my hir is very thin and short after cutting it a while ago and struggling for it to grow so i think these invisble extensions are an amazng idea and
hopefully by the time i take them out my hair will be longer and thicker - oh thank you very much will be posting more on the extensions this weekend - ps any chance you could send me more
tape? as a just in case! thank you! x