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So you probably have read my latest blog post, I am getting a breast augmentation with Augment me and I have been vlogging along the way and sharing how I'm feeling about it all and addressing everything that is going on incase you are considering it and wanted to know exactly what to expect. 

So I have been for my consultation as you would of read about and a week later I went in for my Pre-assessment. This is to get your height, weight, blood pressure - basically to make sure you are good to go for surgery. It's a good one to one session with a nurse as you get to ask any questions or worries you have about before or after surgery. Augment Me have made me feel nothing but comfortable and excited for this whole experience. It's not something you should be dreading or feel anxious about as I'm sure you have considered it for a long time and it really is something you have been wanting and it is finally going to happen! All the girls there have made me feel like we are all friends it is such a good environment if you are quite an anxious and shy person you definitely wont be in their company! 

So everything was fine at my pre-assessment, I'm roughly 8 stone 2 and I am currently a 30A and I am getting 290cc. Now I won't lie this is something that has been going back and forth in my mind for the last 2 weeks, am I making the right decision with the size, do I go bigger? But after putting the implants in I really need to remind myself I am very narrow and thin and don't have a great deal of shape. Id call my shape a pencil. So before I went in I knew that I didn't want an un-natural football look which I stated to Vivek my surgeon. I just want to be able to fill out bras/dresses/tops and for it to be a little obvious I have boobs now. So 290cc should give me a full C, verging on a D. For my body shape it should make it more proportional which was my main goal at the start.

Don't get caught up in what other people are getting and how big they've went, take in to consideration your body shape and size and what your body could handle. So it is the final countdown, I plan to be vlogging on the day of surgery so hopefully I have some footage for you in my next blog post for you to see what goes on, on the day! #ad but all views and content are on my own.

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