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Ok not quite, but you will have noticed a change in my blog over the last 2/3 months, with more reflection on life instead of the usual chit chat about how i have styled up my clothes. Well that's because i have changed as a person. I have done a lot of learning and growing up lately through a lot of different challenging situations. If you know me properly you will know that i have such a passion for writing. It was the real reason i started blogging when i was 16, i didn't really know much about fashion it was more just about being able to express thoughts. 

So i woke up one day and decided i just didn't want to feel how i did anymore, so i changed. I left all the toxic and negative situations that dragged me down behind me and focused on myself. I didn't really care about it looking like i had lost everything because i knew that at one point i really did have EVERYTHING anyone could wish for and i wasn't happy, so i knew i had to do something about it. I removed everything from my life and booked a ticket away packed a bag and went myself, for the first time ever. It was scary but i needed it more than i knew. I needed to know i would be ok on my own, i never really depended on anyone until recently before that so the only way to have acceptance from situations was to be in environments that allowed no distractions. it was probably the best thing i have ever done for myself, switching off from social media, taking some paper and a pen and just writing away feelings and being in places that teach you how to have thoughts and let them go. I think if you ever feel suffocated and so much pressure to up-keep everything like i did you should just go to a random country, switch off and learn about life instead of all the nonsense we seem to call everyday life, watching what others are doing on social media - isn't exactly seeing the world for yourself is it? I would of lasted longer but it really is challenging being away and having to deal with emotions on your own for a long period of time. 

The main thing it taught me is, it's ok to not be ok. I think there is so many people that frown upon being open about feelings and emotions so you tell yourself you're not allowed to feel them or tell people, why not but? It's so important even at a young age to realise you're not living life for other people, if you do then you really are just wasting your life away. 

Ok so rambling over, the main point to this was to say i finally got the chance to sit and write my own book, and of course of quotes if you know me you know my love for them. You can download the digital version for £3.99 from my boutique HERE. I hope it helps at least one person and i hope you enjoy it - there will be more to come! 

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