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Such a fitting post at the moment. This isn't just about a new slogan t-shirt dress. It is about what it actually says for once. I normally wear things with literally no meaning, but for once I am. Ok so this probably all sounds so dramatic, but I am going through so many changes at the moment. i will be away from my blog for most of May as I finally accepted I needed to change. 

Change is scary let me tell you that. But it's all part of growing when you are changing, I am fighting to become the person I know I can be, which is one that is free from anxiety and worry and unhappiness. By that I am trying to let go of anything that brings any sort of negative vibe to my life. I have worked too hard in life to allow everything to be destroyed, my changes have been quite drastic to say the least leaving myself with not much but I did have everything before and I still wasn't happy. I am finally allowing myself time out, a time out to start again. To write and actually see parts of the world and enjoy life again. I have been so caught up in a life with social media and analysing details which aren't even real. I want to see realness from now on.

I have done everything I was meant to do. I got good grades, i got into uni, i got my degree, i started my business, i got a full time job, i passed my driving test. But I'm not really sure i found happiness in any of those things because i need to look for that in my life, hence why i have decided to leave everything and start again for my own sanity.

Life doesn't always need to be a battle, but there are certain situations you need to become a fighter. 

Look from - Save the people  - dress

Missi London - Denim Jacket

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AfroLyne 05/22/2017 15:01

I don't arrive to wear this style outside of the house. I prefer to wear it at home at the end of the day. You know after the long workday !
But it's really nice, I love it !