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Thought it was about time to step away from just talking about the details of my outfit and what I'm wearing and actually talk about something that I'm sure a lot of bloggers also struggle with - Balancing life. 

Sometimes I think I'm so hard on myself until I step back and realise I need to be kinder, I juggle working full time and being out the house all day, returning home to work on my boutique and give my mornings up on my weekends to blog, while all trying to fit in some sort of social life and trying to keep up with other details of just life in general. Probably the hardest task is doing it all while being ill constantly. I always read about bloggers having anxiety, I think for all of us it is such an amazing thing to have that and being brave enough to blog, it really takes a lot. Everything about it makes me pretty anxious, apart from the good part - writing and putting it all together. But when it comes to being out and photographing or even uploading my work thats when it all kicks in. 

I'm definitely still learning when it comes to growing and knowing things about life in general and how to deal with it, but my main point in this blog is, if there is one thing each day you should do is be kind to yourself in some sort of way. Since doing this it has helped me realise how much I have been able to achieve on my own for only being 21. I've done everything I was supposed to do, worked hard in school - I maybe went into a different root but it has definitely paid off, started my blog, went to uni, opened my own online boutique, got my degree, got a graduate job, passed my driving test - it's so important to sit back and realise the small things you have achieved in life I think thats what I appreciate about a blog so much because on days where I feel like i have achieved nothing, I just look back at all my collaborations and amazing things I have done with my blog. I just now think it's time for me to enjoy the small things in life and to not put so much pressure on myself, it's time to be 21 again. 

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Natalie 11/30/2016 11:56

First time here, but now I'll be definitely coming back! Great job!