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Something a bit different today on I Wear My Wages. Hate to say it but, life isn't all about fashion and clothes. I remember before I told all my friends about my blog ( took me 2 years, then i finally started I wear my wages) It all started by me going for an interview and them telling me how amazing it was, I was too shy to even talk about it and they asked why and I said cause ive kept it a secret for so long how do i tell my friends. The interviewer then said, if you do one thing tonight, please tell your friends, you have a talent that you shouldnt hide any longer. And of course I did and they have been nothing but supportive since, im pretty lucky. So that takes me closer to the point of this point. I started a new job this summer and met such an amazing girl who is just like me. I mentioned i had a blog and i could tell right away that was something of interest to her, she showed me things she had written as she suffers from anxiety, like myself.


I am so happy to say that me pushing her to make a blog has actually happened. I would like to introduce to you all The Anxiety Society - written by Holly J Stirling. I know there are so many bloggers out there suffering from what I did, not telling people, being scared of what people will say - I can tell you now it is the best thing I ever done and I LOVE now being able to push people towards more positive things in their life like Holly starting her blog, its so nice to see people supporting her and going through it with her. Starting a blog can be a bit overwhelming, but being able to go to it and let all your thoughts and feelings out is the probably the best thing ever, it will be a scary thought people are actually reading it all but it should inspire you to create more positive vibes around you. 


I would urge you all to take 5 minutes out your day to read her weekly posts, especially Dark clouds aren't here to stay- lets help them go away. They are all so inspiring and will hit home with a few of you - just know there is support out there for you and people to talk to like myself and Holly! - Don't forget to subscribe to both our blogs ( found at the right hand side of our homepages) J. x

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