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For all my Houston Babes out there - this is another post for you, brought to you by Porsch Stores - i have been taking over their blog and writing a few pieces on their new in items the past month or so and you will be seeing a lot more of them on my blog. So today i am just chatting about two super classy dresses that caught my eye - They are both navy and perfect for that saturday night fever look. So classy for those night time dates or can even be taken a more casual way and worn during the day!

The first is this amazing elegant fem flare dress. I am obsessed - im not the tallest but i know us short/medium girls shy away from dresses like this and i really dont know why because i think they would suit us best to be honest - i think they create such a sophistcated look, and your height really shouldnt take away from beautiful dresses - a nice pair of high heels will create an hourglass figure and you are ready to accessorise it up! - The style / design of the top half is something i am currently loving - it really shows off your best features and the flare just creates a nice defined waist shape which we all love. 

Now another navy must have purchase - is this skater dress, this is such an amazing fit, so if you have not much shape to you - or no definition in your waist this is the dress for you because this will actually create a waistline for you and make you look like you have some hips and create that hourglass figure you have always been looking for. What i love about these dresses is that they keep you looking slim and highlight your bust and hips in a way that will compliment your figure and not make you look bigger than you are which is definitely what all dresses should do. It is a challenge in itself to find dresses to suit your body shape but like i always say - experimenting is key. 

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