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Wedding season is upon us, and no doubt you’ve been invited to at least one. Summer is the season where people love to get married. If you’re going to a wedding, it’s important you know what to wear.


Usually, weddings are dress dominated. Choosing the perfect dress is a tricky task. The general rule is that you should not, I repeat, not wear white. It’s an old-fashioned rule, and the bride may even be ok with it, but don’t wear white. White is the colour of the bride, if you turn up in a white dress, you’re asking for trouble. Oh and it seems obvious, but don’t wear a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding. Seriously, don’t turn up in your old wedding dress, no matter how simple it may look. So now you know what not to wear, what do you wear? For summer weddings, it’s going to be a long, hot, day. Pick something comfortable and beautiful. Like this Grecian style maxi dress. There is no ‘perfect dress for a wedding’; you can choose whatever you like. Just remember the rules above!


Probably my favorite thing about any outfit; picking a pair of shoes. Picking out that perfect pair of shoes for a wedding takes time. You can immediately cross some obvious choices off your list. Don’t wear trainers to a wedding. Don’t wear Uggs to a wedding. And, do I even need to say this? But don’t wear slippers to a wedding. No matter how comfortable they are, you just can’t wear these to a wedding. You’ll have to make the big choice, however, heels vs. flats. Obviously heels are a lot more fancy and give you that extra height for the photos. You can find many heel varieties too. A popular choice for summer weddings are heeled sandals; they’re both classy and stylish. But flats are comfier so you won’t have sore feet or struggle to walk after a few glasses of champagne. Either way, they’re both great choices.


The bride may be stealing the ‘accessory show’ with her wedding and engagement rings, but you can still show off your own accessories. Every outfit needs the perfect accessories to complete it. Just remember, it’s not your wedding so don’t go overboard with the jewelry and stuff. The most obvious accessory you need is a bag. A small clutch bag is the best for a wedding day. You’re going to be standing around a lot, so you don’t want to be carrying a huge bag around. It’s big enough to store your emergency makeup and phone. It’s also a subtle and eloquent bag choice. There are plenty of lovely evening & clutch bags to choose from, go with one that compliments your outfit. As far as jewelry goes, it’s up to you. Most women like to show off all their shiny stuff at weddings. There’s going to be lots of people and lots of photos. So pick out the best you own and match it to your outfit. Be sensible though, wearing a huge ring with a gigantic diamond on can threaten to upstage the bride!

It’s always fun shopping for a wedding outfit. We pretend it’s stressful, but really it’s fun! The most important thing to remember is never to upstage the bride. Be respectful, if she’s banned certain things from the wedding, don’t wear them. It’s her special day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good and have fun too!


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