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How my Friend Mugged a Mugger


It’s not very often someone gets the better of a mugger who always has the element of surprise on his side as well as targeting you when you are at your most vulnerable. Muggers always position it so that the odds are always well stacked in their favour.


But every so often, even the best laid plans of mice and muggers come a cropper and this is one such story I think you’ll enjoy.


A good friend of mine was walking back to her car after a night out. She wasn’t drinking, before you ask. She had to cross a short stretch of pathway between the main road and the garage where her car was parked. It wasn’t dimly lit but it wasn’t the brightest either. She wasn’t entirely comfortable, particularly because she was in high heels, but she wasn’t unduly worried.


About 20 feet from the entrance to the garage, a youngster appeared from behind a low wall and she could see a short blade in a knife he was holding by his side. There was no screaming or aggression – he just calmly said “Give me your bag and your watch and there’ll be no trouble.” Flight was out of the question and there was no point in shouting out for help. She couldn’t believe how calm he was and as a result she stayed fairly calm herself. She was about to hand him over her bag and watch when she remembered her phone was in her bag, and she knew that losing her phone was going to be a serious hassle. So she said to him “You can have the bag but can I just keep my phone – it won’t be worth much to you anyway and I’ve all my photos on it.”


I can’t repeat the language he used but when he told her she couldn’t keep her phone, she (unbelievably) said “OK, well can I just take one number from it and you can have it then?” He told her she could and, quick as a flash, even though her fingers were shaking, she opened up an app she recently downloaded to her phone.


This app, called SnapMail, is free and it allows you take a photo of someone and e-mail it to yourself and upload it to your own account on the SnapMail website, all with just one click. So, instead of taking a number from the phone she hit the ‘Take Photo Now’ button on the SnapMail app and instantly took a photo of the mugger.


She handed him the phone and said “You’ve just been SnapMailed – your photo has been e-mailed and posted to the SnapMail website, so you’re only going to make it worse for yourself if you take my bag”. Again, I can’t report the exact language he used when he threw the bag on the ground but I’m sure you can guess. Personally, I’m surprised he didn’t attack her, but it appears that even the least sophisticated of muggers know when the game is up and there’s no point in making a bad situation worse.



How SnapMail works for a complete beginner.


  • Download the SnapMail app from the App Store or Google Play. It's Free!
  • Complete the short registration form to become a free member
  • When you are logged in, you will see whatever image your camera is pointing at and a button to take a SnapMail photo
  • A message 'Taking Photos - Please Wait' will appear on your screen. This message will stay there for about 8 seconds and it means that the camera is taking 5 different photos during that 8 second period
  • When the camera is finished taking these photos, another message 'SnapMail Photo Taken and Uploaded Successfully' will then appear on your screen. Click OK to close this window.
  • The photos will be instantly sent to your e-mail address and also posted to your SnapMail account

I’ve downloaded the SnapMail app and although I don’t expect ever to have to use it, you never know when it could come in handy. Here is the link to download the SnapMail app.


There is also a free 3 month access to the premium version of the app just by following SnapMail on Twitter.  


SnapMail app can protect you in a huge range of threatening situations and even save your life, for instance: 


Call for Help

Picture the scene .....you are out shopping at the local mall with your 9 year old daughter. You go to buy some flowers and when you turn around she is nowhere to be seen. Frantically,you call out her name and look in all of the stores nearby to see if you can find her.
You try ringing her mobile phone, but there’s no answer and she always has it on ‘Silent’ anyway. You alert Security at the mall and all guards are on high alert. There’s still no answer from her mobile phone but suddenly an e-mail pops up on your phone from SnapMail. You quickly open the e-mail and see a photo of a man walking through the mall.
The security guards immediately recognise him as a new tenant on the top floor who is about to open a new Toy Store. There’s a mad rush up to this store but the doors are locked and the windows are all blacked out with posters announcing the launch date.
After breaking through the doors the Security Guards find your daughter in a very tense state but with the new owner nowhere to be seen. The Police are immediately called ……

Download it now in the app store, it could save your life. With crimes at an all time high at the moment, I wouldnt feel as safe without it now!

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