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A bit of a change from how to style this seasons pieces or latest top picks. With Christmas coming closer i love to involve myself in things like Gift and Befriend - An organisation that allows you to give to someone less fortunate via an amazon wishlist. - Giving them something they really want and knowing it goes straight to them.


ABOUT: As the ‘Giver’, you can review the profiles of a vast range of ‘people in need’.  You can read their own Blog Posts or view their Photos and Videos.  

100% of your money goes directly to the person you want it to go to and the person in need receives exactly what they have hoped for.  Finally, while you, the Giver, have the option to maintain your anonymity, we all like to be thanked for things we give and we make it very easy for you to engage with the people who receive your Gifts by allowing you to comment on their Blog posts or speak to them by Skype.

I have been lucky enough to be asked to get involved in this and spread the word as much as possible - its super easy to sign up and help someone less fortunate than you this Christmas. 


Background Information about Gift and Befriend:

·         A new way for people to help people less fortunate than themselves

·         Members of the site can then read their Profile, view their Photographs and Videos, and decide to purchase an item(s) from their Amazon Wish List.

·         Amazon delivers the gifts directly to the person in need, to a House, School, Church, Charity Office, Friend’s house, etc., so the Giver never has to worry about wrapping or posting the items and the Giver knows with 100% certainty that the Receiver is the person who receives the items. 

·         A Giver can get to know a Receiver before sending him/her any Gifts by commenting on the Receiver’s blog posts or asking questions. 

·         Membership of the site is free



Benefits of Gift and Befriend (taken from the website home page)

1.       You can select and send a Gift from a person in need’s Amazon Wish List directly to them, regardless of where in the world they live.

2.       You can read about the person in need in their Blog on this site and speak to them over Skype before you send them a gift.

3.       You can stay in contact and build a friendship with the people to whom you send a gift, if you wish.

4.       100% of your money goes on the price of the gift. There are no admin costs and Amazon is the only website on which you spend money. Amazon deliver the gifts directly to the recipients specified address, whether that is their house or a local charity office.

5.       You can be sure that the gift you send the person in need is something that they have chosen themselves, not something someone else has chosen for them.


Sign up to be a giver here: like i have, its such a nice way to get to know the persona nd know they will love what you send them because they picked it, more personal than just sending money to most charities witht he middle man taking their cut.

Give a gift, and make a new friend.

Any more questions find them on twitter @giftandbefriend

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